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Breaking Free

Change Is A Choice

The purpose of the Breaking Free Ministry is to strengthen the spiritual and social fabric of our community God's Way. Breaking Free offers Counseling and Coaching.

Our goal is that through Bible Centered Life Coaching or Counseling, We can help people understand that scripture will empower them to discover that they can make choices that will change their lives, and build stronger relationships with  God, themselves, and others.

The Breaking Free Counseling Center exists solely for the purpose of helping folks improve their lives by providing a confidential meeting place for  coaching, individual counseling, and groups .

Breaking Free goes beyond therapy and 12-Step groups because we focus on scripture as being the foundation for healing diseases of the heart and soul and believe that our path to recovery is through Jesus Christ.

Counseling & Coaching


Offers a safe place to talk about your difficulties in a Christ-centered group or individual setting, that provides guidance based on Biblical principles.


Coaches walk along side clients, empowering them to embrace  the positive changes that can assist them in achieving their God-given goals and potential in any situation.

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