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Breaking Free

Break Free from your hurts and habits

Counseling Center

The purpose of the Breaking Free Counseling Center is to lift the spiritual, mental, and relational health of our community by bringing people to an understanding of the guidance the Bible offers us for our everyday problems. We strive to help individuals and their families by providing confidential groups, life coaching, and individual counseling. We offer you a safe place to talk about your difficulties in a Christ-centered group, or individual setting, that provides guidance based on Biblical principles.

Breaking Free Counseling and support groups go beyond therapy and 12-step groups because we focus on Scripture as being the foundation for healing diseases of the heart and soul and believe that the path to recovery is through Jesus Christ. Let’s address our difficulties with each other so that we can experience the promise of God’s peace, joy and contentment in our lives.

Only God can set us free from our pain.

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Counseling can assist you with:

Our volunteer staff is trained and supervised by Robert Rozsay, BCBC, director of the Breaking Free Ministry at the Reformed Church of Bushkill.

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